CASE and Student-Athletes

Before talking about CASE (Crayons Academy for Skills Excellence), I would like to share some experts on a few important threads.

Student Athlete

A student athlete is a person who pursues his/her academic curriculum along with his/her sport in college/university. Student athletes represents their college/university or are eligible to participate in intercollegiate tournaments of their respective sport while pursuing academics, enrolled as a full time student. The concept of student athlete is vastly and mostly supported on US soil, and is regulated by an organization called NCAA. Though there are other minor organisations too in USA, namely NAIA, NJCAA etc. and there are similar organisations present all around the globe; naming a few would be EAFU in Australia, BUCS in UK, AIU in India etc.

Sports Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships or Sports Scholarships or Scholarships for Student Athletes are the scholarships awarded to individuals by colleges/universities bases on their performances, talent, achievements etc. Broadly there are two types of scholarships (with sub divisions) available for students / student athletes;

  • Full Ride Scholarships
  • Partial Scholarships

Scholarships are reviewed every year and renewed as per the academic/athletic performance of the student/student athlete for the year past.

ID Camps

ID Camps can be a great way to get in touch with the college coaches. These are the camps where college coaches come looking for young talents in order to fill up the vacant roster spot of their college teams. These camps are organized regularly throughout the year all around the globe. The hottest of all are the summer camps. Summers are the times when students are either free of their high schools (passing out the high school) or the summer vacations start for existing high school students. In either case, students and parents look out for summer camps or internships. In order to get into a coach’s radar and get recruited by one of the coaches, there’s a way to it and most of us feels the gaps while following the above path, but being under the mentorship of Mr. Vikram Anand (CASE), it’s a bridge over the gaps and one just have to ‘walk’.


CASE is a Sports recruitment, counseling firm for students seeking admissions to colleges/universities anywhere in the world, widely in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia and India; students seeking guidance to play varsity sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Squash, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Track n Field etc. for both men and women.

CASE helps student athletes with navigating the admission process. Most of the student athletes face a challenging task of showcasing their ability to college coaches. CASE’s long standing relationships with the coaches and thorough knowledge of the process helps in filling up the loopholes.

In respect to the summer identification camps, CASE is the sole representativefuture 500 of Future 500 Soccer ID Camps. Their associations with several sports academies and organisations helps in gaining a better understanding of the student-athletes ability and prospects for college admissions.


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8 Replies to “CASE and Student-Athletes”

  1. This academy looks great for all the ones who love sports with good training & couch definitely will recommend my friends.. Who is interested in sports.


  2. This is such an insightful post..i had no idea about sports scholarship for students who want to go abroad.. Thanks for sharing


  3. Very helpful blog thanks for sharing this. Sport is an important part of once life, it helps you in staying fit. And these academies are taking a good initiative that they are promoting sports.


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