ODOCO Office Spaces

With the growing trend of Co-Working Spaces, there are certain names that are straight in the thoughts of individuals. Just like those, there’s one name “Odoco“.

Speaking of the Co-Working spaces first, the revolution was started in San Fransisco in 2005 and the man credited for the movement is Brad Neuberg. Though the concept has been present since long back. In 1990s, the concept was adapted by some European Hackers, where they would share their skills and practices. Other than coworking spaces, there has been independent work stations around too, like some coffee shops, cafes, food courts or home offices. Such places has been in use as independent work spaces since long time. The idea of Coworking spaces was brought in to combine such independent work stations and freelancers to build a community of an office space. The concept of Coworking Office Spaces can be seen in the countries of Asia, Europe and North America.

blank-business-composition-373076There are currently more than 200 companies in India that are offering coworking spaces. Out of those 200s, many of them are start ups focused. These coworking spaces can attract some costs as membership charges.

Screen-Shot-2018-05-22-at-4.40.50-PM-1024x347Coming to ODOCO, they are an online community of co-working space users (tenants) and owners to help them discover each other and facilitate co-working. ODOCO works on the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) terminology, with the idea of bringing users and owners at one place letting them to deal and transact directly and independently.

Any coworking space under ODOCO, is accoutred with basic necessities such as wifi, cleanliness, good lighting, something to drink and clean washrooms.

For registering on ODOCO, any owner who has office space to offer with the basic necessities to offer can do so for free. Though ODOCO’s listings has average of 60 seatings but any office space with even one seating can register too. Any user can directly connect with owner over phone or whatsapp.


ODOCO currently has 22,000+ workstations with 200+ offices across 6 cities with 4 new offices everyday. These workstations are from shared offices, coworking spaces, business centres and cafes as per the seat counts of over 22,000. They plan to expand in 9 cities with approximately 40,000 seats by the end of 2018.


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