Workout Diets: Before and After

Things you should eat before and after workout.

Many believe that the best way to lose weight and get a fitter self is by means of a hard workout schedule and wait until mealtime to eat. When it comes to proper fitness and health, the simple equation works – Eat! And specifically, eat the right foods at the right time. The key to getting and maintaining a chiseled perfect body is a combination of regular exercises and eating the right foods at the right times. Supporting the body with the food before and after workouts is important in burning calories, staying energized, building lean muscle, losing weight, and speeding up recovery.

Why is it important to eat before workouts?

It is said that whether you eat before workouts or not, our body burns the same amount of fat, however, there could be muscle loss if we regular go for workouts empty stomach. When we are hungry and empty at the stomach, the body goes into the survival mode and starts drawing its energy requirements from the muscles instead of the kidneys and livers. When this happens, we lose muscle mass and this slows down the metabolism process making it difficult to lose weight. In addition, going empty stomach for workout is just like setting an engine to work without enough fuels required for intense works.

What to eat?

The best pre-workout bites should contain some form of complex carbohydrate and protein. A few suggestions would be:

  • Apple and walnuts.
  • A small sweet potato steamed.
  • Multi-grain crackers.
  • Oatmeal (1/2 cup) with berries.
  • Salted broccoli with olives.

You can also choose to have:

  • For Carbs: a granola bar, a piece of fruit, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, dried fruit, crackers, a rice cake or a piece of toast.
  • For Protein: nuts, Greek yogurt, a slice of turkey, a hardboiled egg, milk or soy milk.

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Why is it important to eat after workouts?

Eating (or drinking) something that has a combination of protein and carbohydrates approximately 30 minutes to an hour after your workout refills energy stores, builds and repairs muscles that were broken down, and helps keep metabolism burning strong. The sooner is the refueling, the better it is. Plan ahead and keep your healthy dose of protein and carbohydrate ready to be taken after the workout.

What to eat?

Consuming protein and a little carbohydrate is best immediately after exercise. It help speed up recovery process, maximize exercise benefits, and help maintaining lean muscle to aid weight loss. Here are some food combination that you should consider having after your workout session:

  • Multi-grain bread with raw peanut butter.
  • Sautéed or steamed vegetables.
  • A protein shake made with of a banana, one scoop of protein powder and almond milk.
  • Quinoa with some black berries.
  • A small portion of salad with roasted chickpeas and light olive oil.

You can also chose to have:

  • For complex carbohydrates: quinoa, brown rice, nuts, and whole wheat bread.
  • For healthy protein: tofu, beans or fish.





(Dietician and Founder Member – Diet Clinic)

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