Making a statement

Sometimes the name isn’t enough, the product got to be classy i.e solid in quality, elegant to look. Simply saying, it should speak for itself and for its bearer, in good fashion, of course. But speaking of a product, sometimes the brand value is enough. One particular product and one particular brand, of which I am referring here is a “Duffle bag from Ted Baker”.

Duffle Bags can vary in shapes, sizes and style. It can for travelling purpose, for official purpose, for use of it casually, be it sports, gym, theatres, day trips etc. Varying in styles, shapes, sizes, colours, serving different purposes, there are a few which are multi-purposes too, just like the one being exhibited here. And yes, there are certain makes that are certain for a particular gender and then there are certain makes that are not limited to any gender, that can be confidently exhibited by anyone. Now, getting back to the product being showcased here.

Technically we speak of the brand first, so as to create the brand awareness, but here I talked about the product first, for that matters the most to the customers. Anyways, who doesn’t knows about Ted Baker, everyone’s aware of the brand and its value, their commitment, their product quality, their vastness in their product basket. They got so much to offer, male and female clothings, accessories for him & her, home stuffs, stationaries, travel accessories, speakers & ear gears, perfumes, hand bags, wallets, male grooming products, female beauty products etc. If we go by the list, its pretty lengthy.

temp 2

Ted Baker initially started off as a men clothing brand. They started as a shirt brand for men from Glasgow, UK. The only brand that doesn’t go for marketing and advertising stuffs. They rather prefer in promoting their name by letting their products speak for them, they still go with the word of mouth marketing strategy and are probably one of the few who does so, and they have done pretty well so far. Being one of the high-end brands, and getting there without a single promotional campaign. They started functioning in 1987 and have come a long way. They are present in multiple countries now and have an online shopping platform too. Ted says or rather I say, Happy Shopping.

P.S This is not an advertising campaign, just out of my experience about their products.

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