Molecule Air Bar, Gurugram

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Molecule Air Bar is in sec 29, Gurugram. The area is getting popular for the microbreweries housing there. With so many options in the same area and that too of same categories, it gets real tough to grab the title that defines you as a stand out choice for people seeking some good house brewed beer, food, music, ambience etc. But good isn’t enough these days. You need to excel in your specialisation to the extent that no other competition in the market can even match you in your offerings. I see great many micro breweries in that particular region, and all good in a way, but I know one micro brewery there, who has made its mark and is staying tough to diminish the competition it is getting. The one micro brewery I am talking about here is Molecule Air Bar of-course.

They got plenty of seatings available, whether its for small groups or large groups, all can be accommodated as per the need. It is on the fourth floor of the building as there are more restaurant-bars in the same building. Also they have an open area seating available with decent seating capacity. Terrace of the building houses the open area seating. Interiors of the place are done pretty well. And to your knowledge, to make you groove your moves, they also got a DJ.

Out of my personal experience from this place, I liked the ambience, the bar counter on both levels, presentation of the food, very well decent staff, I also liked the tasters for house brewed beers, it was way bigger in size as compared to the other house brewers. As the micro breweries offers four house brewed beers, so did they. Three beers they offered were of 4.5% alcohol content and one was of 5.5% alcohol content. The black one was the strong one, and is always the strongest of the lot you get anywhere. Yet the taste and smoothness matters, the one I had here was very smooth. They also got other alcohols to offer, Other than the beer I had an “old fashioned”, its a whiskey based  cocktail and is one of my favourites to have anytime.


On the table there was some mouth watering food as well. To name a few dishes I had, there was:

  • Molecular Puchka Shots
  • Air bread paneer
  • Edible plastic bhel
  • Galouti cornetto
  • Exotic veg dumpling
  • Chole bhatura inside out
  • Chawpati in delhi

All in all, the food was really good.

Also there desserts to sign off the meal.

  • Gulab jamun cheese cake
  • Rasgulla tiramisu flower pot
  • Kheer with pan ice cream

8 Replies to “Molecule Air Bar, Gurugram”

  1. the garlic bread looks gret, but those syringes in the puchka shots is a bit much, dont you think? I mean injecting fluid in the puchka is yuck , atleast for me


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